Here’s how 2020 colour trends create perfect work/life balance when home is also your office

Have you ever noticed how a colour of a room affects your mood?

The 2020 colour trends bode well for people who want to create work/life balance in their own homes, say the sisters behind M+ Architecture | Interior Design.

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“People are getting a better handle on how to manage bringing work home or working from home,” says Nadi Meri, a Vancouver-based architect. “It’s becoming very important to have a dedicated, professional environment in your home that is also comfortable.

“Our designs are the bridge between living and working to help us find that balance. We want to create a mood that helps people be inspired. Our workspaces are designed to be a place where people want to spend time, be focused and get their jobs done. Having the right choice of colours is a good way to create that ambience.”

Nadi works with her sister Ellie Miri, who earned her interior design Masters degree from Boston Architectural College.

“We are always inspired by nature, especially in Vancouver where it would be unfortunate if we didn’t incorporate the beauty of our surrounding,” Nadi says. “We need to bring nature into our spaces, whether that’s by having wide windows and lots of natural light or by the colours we choose.”

“We’re really excited that the new colour trends work with our style,” says Ellie. “They complement our design philosophy to create a restorative balance and bring nature inside.”

The designers are especially inspired by the trend towards a naturalist palette inspired by earth tones. “There are some deep, saturated colours such as haze navy and a new one called global inspired green. They can be used as accents to make the space more vibrant and add a punch of colour,” says Ellie.

Nadi adds, “Because we are using lots of natural light, it’s okay to use some of those deep, saturated colours. They will be softened by the light being introduced to the space.”

Another on-trend colour that they both love working with is graphite charcoal. “Grey is a very nice, standard colour that gives us the sense of being grounded,” Ellie says. “It’s an approachable and very comfortable colour. We can easily add to it any accent colour that we like to make the space come together.”

If you want to find work/life balance in your home office space, contact the sisters at 778-997-9421, email, or visit Their studio is based at #202 – 828 Harbourside Drive in North Vancouver.

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