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Family dining at the Olive & Anchor restaurant

It's not easy to find a non fast-food restaurant that offers good food, great service, and welcomes families.
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It's not easy to find a non fast-food restaurant that offers good food, great service, and welcomes families. Rick Kim, General Manager and co-owner of the Olive & Anchor restaurant in Horseshoe Bay believes making a restaurant family-friendly is important.

"We specifically designed the restaurant to be family-friendly, while still attractive to those without kids," he says. "As the father of two young children, I know how hard it can be to find a place where you can eat fine food and have a glass of wine and not worry about the kids getting bored."

The Olive & Anchor seats families in an open area at the rear of the restaurant that comes equipped with books and crayons for the little ones. Youngsters can choose from the Kids' Meals selection, featuring fish and chips, pasta, and even a gluten free chicken dish, while their parents can pick from the internationally inspired menu.

"We wanted a place where parents could get excited about the food, sip on a craft beer or a glass of award-winning wine, and still bring the family."

Diners without children aren't forgotten; the Olive & Anchor can seat them where they're part of the youthful atmosphere, but secluded enough to have a private conversation.

"Although we're in Horseshoe Bay," Rick says, "we're not as far away from the rest of West Vancouver as people tend to think. When you're finished with the kids' activities at the recreational centre and you're looking at somewhere to eat with the family, we're just a 10 or 15-minute drive away."

The emphasis on kids and families even found its way into the name of the restaurant.

"When we were thinking of a name, I wanted something playful," Rick laughs. "We thought of anchors, anchoring, ferry terminology and so on. Then one of my designers suggested Olive, our daughter's name, and we put the Olive and the anchor together to come up with Olive & Anchor."

Rick and his Executive Chef, wife Lisa Kim, have garnered a number of awards since opening.

"I was awarded Young Entrepreneur of a small business by the local Chamber of Commerce in 2011," Rick says, "and we've had an honourable mention in the Vancouver Magazine in 2017 for best dining on the North Shore. In 2016, we were named the Best North Shore Restaurant by the Georgia Straight. It's been very humbling to be awarded these titles."

To view the menu and daily specials, or to make a reservation, call 604.921.8848, visit the website, email or stop by the restaurant at 6418 Bay Street, West Vancouver. The Olive and Anchor can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.