Egypt reopening for tourists as it eases border restrictions

As Canadians grow increasingly comfortable hitting the skies again, now could be a perfect time for travellers to tick visiting Egypt off their bucket lists.

While a visa is required to enter Egypt, The Egypt Online Visa, a new electronic travel authorization system for citizens from eligible countries, tourists can acquire a visa online without the need for visiting an embassy to process the application.

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In addition to a visa, there are also recommended vaccinations for visitors to Egypt, including the Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines.

Egypt reopened its borders to tourists on July 1st, welcoming visitors from outside the country back to its archaeological sites, museums and hotels, with increased precautions in place.

The eight tourism sites reopening in July are the Pyramids of Giza and their surrounding areas, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the Citadel of Salah El-Din, the temples in Karnak and Luxor, Hurghada Museum, Abu Simbel temples and the Temple of Philae in Aswan.Other archaeological sites will reopen on a gradual basis until September.

Hotels that have reopened are allowed to operate with up to 50 percent capacity, and are required to provide face masks and hand sanitizers to all guests. Common areas must be regularly disinfected and distancing measures throughout the hotels have been put in place.

Tour groups have been limited to 25 people maximum, and tourism companies must provide protective face masks to tourists. 

Attractions have also limited the number of people granted entry in at a time. The world famous tomb of Tutankhamun, for example, will only allow up to a maximum of 10 people at once. The total number of people allowed in large museums, such as the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, will be limited to 200.

This could be great news for travellers wary of dealing with the overcrowding that comes with visiting star attractions. Distancing limitations means that tourism hot spots will be quieter this season.

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