Don’t let aging stop you from living your best life

When loved ones grow older, it becomes of vital importance to ensure that they have the care, safety, and support needed for them to live the most fulfilling life possible. Whether you have a parent, spouse, grandparent or relative who is experiencing mobility issues due to injury or ageing.

Advanced Medical Healthcare Equipment is committed to ensuring that every individual has the ability to maintain their safety and freedom in their own home without having to compromise their independence.

They offer a wide range of daily living aids, home healthcare equipment and related installations necessary to live independently.

At the showroom located at Marine Drive, in the heart of West Vancouver, clients are invited to come in and try out the equipment while gaining vital knowledge from the company’s experienced staff. The open floor environment encourages clients to test out potential purchases and assess if the product they need will suit their body type, living arrangement and personal space.

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Advanced Medical goes even further beyond just the traditional wheelchair, being acquainted and knowledgeable about the latest technology and models to ensure clients have access to the most up to date products currently on the market. The company also offers all types of health assistance equipment that can greatly increase the ease and efficiency of in-home mobility.

The staff at Advanced Medical Healthcare Equipment care about your safety and comfort, that’s why they will travel to your home for assessments, as well as provide expert installation. A number of key questions will be asked during a visit to determine physical mobility, daily activities, transportation needs, short and long-term goals that will then provide an accurate assessment and cost effective solution. Certified technicians will then provide prompt installation and loyally assist in maintenance and repairs as time requires.

Understanding limitations is a personal responsibility all people must accept as they age. But, limitations should not be allowed to inhibit the quality of life. If you are new to the need for healthcare equipment or you have a recommendation from your physician, an occupational therapist/physiotherapist or acupuncturist, Advanced Medical is happy to serve you in an open environment to try out particular products make sure they fit your needs. 

Walkers, Wheelchairs, Bathroom/Bedroom Safety products, lift chairs, compression stockings, canes and crutches, orthopedic supports, commode, grab bars, Seniors E-bike, Hospital Bed are part of the equipment they supply.

If you are interested in exploring what Advanced Medical Healthcare Equipment can do specifically for you, please visit their website, call at 604-912-0106 or drop by at 1863 Marine Dr. West Vancouver.

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