Choosing the right lawyer for your injury claim

Jim Hanson of Hanson & Co. – Personal Injury Lawyers has been advising clients on personal injury claims for more than three decades. He built his law firm on a foundation of compassion, trust, and approachability. In his experience, finding the right lawyer to help with your personal injury case is crucial.

“First of all, you want someone who is local,” he says. “You want to be able to build an ongoing connection with the lawyer and that is easier to do if the law firm is close by.” Hanson & Co is conveniently located in the heart of North Vancouver. They are also actively involved and supporting a number of community non-profit organizations.

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Finding a legal representative that you feel comfortable talking to is also important. “Personal injury cases can be traumatic,” Jim notes. “You want to deal with someone who listens, who is supportive, and who, above all, genuinely cares about you and your case.”

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations and people should take advantage of that appointment to chat about the law firm’s approach to personal injury clients. “Be sure they are listening in a non-judgmental way,” advises Jim. “You shouldn’t feel like you are being judged. You are the victim. A lawyer should be able to communicate in a way that makes you comfortable that they understand the elements of the case and that they are there to represent you and only you.”

Checking out the lawyer’s experience in personal injury matters is also high on Jim’s list. “At Hanson & Company, we have been around for a long time. Longevity and experience are important.”

In other words, make sure the lawyer has experience in the area of law for which you require their services. For example, just because a lawyer is very good at family law does not necessarily mean he or she has the experience you need for a personal injury case. “Do your homework,” advises Jim.

Make sure that the law firm has the resources, both financial and staffing, to see a case through to its successful conclusion.

“At Hanson& Company,” says Jim, “we have three lawyers, each highly experienced in personal injury law, and a full complement of support and paralegal staff. We are also able to offer a contingency arrangement for billing. Of course, the initial personal and confidential consultation is free.”

For more information about Hanson and Company and their experience with personal injury cases, check their website or contact them at 604.984.7555, or email the office.

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