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Canadians can get a legitimate personal loan online

iCASH is a safe and secure licensed online lender that makes it easy for people to borrow money
Qualify for a fast, easy and secure loan today.

The need for a fast personal loan online can crop up at any time.

Vet bills, emergency car repairs, medical bills, home repairs, and more can happen unexpectedly to any one of us.

But if Canadians don’t have the cash on hand, where can they get a quick personal loan in an emergency, when they need it most?  

iCASH is a safe and secure licensed online lender in Canada that makes it easy for Canadians to borrow money in minutes. You can easily apply online and get instant approval for up to $1,500.

iCASH is available 24/7, including Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, at 3 a.m., or whenever it may be that some need funding because life happens.

Easy online access sets this private lender apart from traditional lending companies, which operate during “normal” business hours in brick-and-mortar locations. When you apply for personal loans online, you don’t need to arrange for any transportation during the day or miss work to wait online.

Trying to get funding from a banking institution to pay for an unexpected repair may not be the best option either as it may take a while to be approved. Especially during a pandemic, staying home is a safer option for everyone.

Using the iCASH website or their iOS and Android app, Canadians can apply and get instant personal loans in three easy steps.

  1. Apply online or via their mobile apps
  2. Get instant approval
  3. Sign the loan agreement and get funded

The funds will be sent to you with an e-transfer in as little as two minutes. Email money transfer means that the funds can be accessed anytime, day or night. Safe loans with same day funding.

As the leading online lender in Canada, iCASH provides quick easy application that can be completed in less than five minutes. There are no hidden fees and you’ll be dealing with a safe, trusted lender. Even those that have poor credit can get a loan in minutes.

With over 450,000 happy clients, they helped Canadians get funded and pay for car repairs, home improvements and appliance replacement without getting stuck in a debt trap. The cost of borrowing is straightforward and there are no hidden fees.

When you apply for a loan or do anything financial online, make sure that the company you are dealing with is licensed in your local province. Working with a licensed lender means that they will properly inform you of all fees along with the terms and conditions of your loan.

Getting a personal loan online is one of the easiest ways to access the money you need, right away.

To learn more about iCASH and to qualify for a fast, easy and secure loan today, visit