Backyard awnings – for a better quality of life

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting on an outdoor patio on a warm summer evening?

With the rising costs of restaurants and other diversions in metro Vancouver, staying home for a backyard barbecue is an affordable alternative for family gatherings in the summer months.

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Staying in isn’t just about saving money, however. There are a host of good reasons why home-style entertainment beats a night on the town, including:

-       Quality family time. A patio dinner gets everyone to unplug from the Internet, discuss the day’s events and share in the meal preparation – a great way to bond.

-       Enjoying your surroundings.You worked hard to get a home you love with a space to have outdoor activities. Take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

-       Healthier living.There’s nothing like fresh air to stimulate the senses. Spending your time cooped up, seated in front of a computer is unhealthy for mind and body. Getting outside is a relaxing way to end the day.

-       Connecting with friends.When’s the last time you shared a laugh with good friends while lounging on your deck? Make it a point to do it this summer.

-       Staying cool and “green.”While air conditioning might keep you cool inside, it’s not a very “green” way to enjoy summer, compared with sitting outside in the breeze.

Of course, if your balcony, patio or deck is exposed to the sun, it can be too hot at times to enjoy. And an outdoor get-together with friends might just as easily get rained out.

So what do you do?

The simple solution is a retractable awning. Not only will it extend the functionality of your yard, it will effectively create an indoor-outdoor living space attached to your home. Awnings can be mounted on walls or roofs, without the need for any other structure, and can be retracted when needed. They’re even better than solar screens at blocking the sun, reducing heat by up to 77%.

“With modern technology and fabric, awnings are easy to use and last years longer than the old cloth ones,” says Stuart Ilott, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Wizard Industries. “We can cover areas up to 24-feet wide with a 12-foot projection without any extra ground support.”

Wizard offers solutions from Canadian company, Rolltec, that allow house or condo owners to maximize and improve their living space with advanced, high-quality awning technology.

To find out more about how awnings can improve your backyard living, visit Wizard Industries on their website, call 604-299-4426 or email. You can also find Wizard Industries on Facebook.

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