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A virtual tour of North Vancouver highlights important priorities: Conservative Candidate

Les Jickling encourages North Shore residents to consider all of the ways in which a Conservative government can help secure their future in the best place on earth
Candidate Les Jickling provides a tour of the Conservative recovery plan.

A quick virtual tour of North Vancouver allows me to point out some of the priorities worth fighting for in this riding, including healthcare, the military, transportation, fisheries and jobs.

We start our tour at Grand Boulevard and work our way west to my birthplace at Lions Gate Hospital (LGH). Like all public hospitals, LGH is funded by federal transfer payments under the Canada Health Act.

A Conservative government will prioritize the creation of a strategic stockpile of essential products and build the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home. We’ll also introduce a Mental Health Action Plan.

The next stop is the Canadian Armed Forces 6 Engineer Squadron headquartered at the JP Fell Armoury. This pleasant stop reminds us of the fine work done by our reservist engineers and the $1.4 million in funding the Conservative government provided in 2015 for a variety of improvements to the roof, boiler systems, fire sprinkler system and mess hall.

We also know there is needed action when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations in the military. An Erin O’Toole led Conservative government will order a service-wide independent investigation into sexual misconduct in the military, suspend all general and flag officer promotions and salary increases while the investigation into sexual misconduct in the military is taking place, introduce policies to ensure future complaints are made to an external independent body outside the chain of command, and empower greater representation of women and other underrepresented Canadians amongst the top ranks.

We soon make our way to the Trans-Canada Highway. Road infrastructure is a shared responsibility between all three levels of government, but in order to promote and maintain efficient transportation of goods and services, the federal government can provide significant funding for highways. I’ll fight for traffic improvements to prevent congestion that inhibits economic growth and negatively impacts the quality of life.

Our last stop is the Capilano River Hatchery operated by the DFO and originally built in 1971 to strengthen Capilano salmon stocks. Today, the hatchery is intended to augment, among other species, Chinook in Burrard Inlet. Normally, this would support fishing in Burrard Inlet but the Liberal government has largely closed the sportfishing industry and anglers are understandably frustrated. I’ll fight for common-sense solutions that will protect the 6,000 jobs, wild salmon stocks and support the once vibrant billion-dollar sport salmon fishing industry.

The next time you are out touring around North Vancouver I encourage you to consider all of the ways in which a Conservative government can help secure your future in the best place on earth.

Les Jickling,
North Vancouver Conservative Candidate