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Rest in harmony: Eco-friendly benefits of green burials

Everden Rust Funeral Services & Crematorium is pleased to be among Kelowna funeral providers that offer green burial services
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If you've recently lost a loved one or are wishing to create your end-of-life plan, it may interest you to learn about the many funerary and disposition options available today. Having choices in burial and funeral procedures at funeral homes in Kelowna BC allows you to tailor the experience according to personal wishes. With so many options, the process can also become a bit overwhelming. For those who want to consider a more environmentally friendly burial option, you'll want to learn about green burials.

What Is a Green Burial?

A green burial typically doesn't involve embalming, cremation, a traditional casket, a concrete vault or a cemetery monument. A green funerary practice emphasizes sustainability and strives to avoid as much impact on the environment as possible.

What's involved?

Instead of a traditional metal, wood or cloth-covered casket, the body is typically placed in a biodegradable wicker casket that is designed to break down. Following burial, the body is allowed to decompose naturally and return to the earth. Even the clothing worn by the deceased is typically made of natural fibres that are not harmful to the environment. A burial shroud is a common choice in green burials.

Green cemeteries

When the choice is made to have a more natural burial, the place of internment will need to be what is known as a green cemetery. More and more, Penticton obituaries list these sites as the location for burial and graveside services. Some hybrid cemeteries exist where a section is explicitly designated for green burials.

Benefits of green burials

There are several reasons to consider green burial. Of course, this method is typically more environmentally friendly than traditional methods that involve embalming, metal, wood, cloth-covered caskets, concrete grave liners and granite or bronze cemetery monuments. Contrary to popular belief, these services do not offer any significant cost savings. Going with a green option can be particularly appealing for spiritual or personal reasons. Those whose spiritual path focuses on nature will likely be attracted to green burials. As are environmentally conscious individuals and those who work in a field that serves the environment.

Where to learn more about green burials

Everden Rust Funeral Services & Crematorium is pleased to be among Kelowna BC funeral providers that offer green burial services. If an eco-friendly disposition sounds like something that would align with your wishes, Everden Rust invites you to contact them to learn more about green burials and the other funeral and memorial options they provide.