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North Shore Mitsubishi: Driving success in the heart of the community

Re-opened dealership offers quality vehicles and exceptional service that puts customers first
The North Shore Mitsubishi team. Photo via Paul McGrath Photography

North Shore Mitsubishi, under new management, is making a resounding comeback. 

After temporarily closing its doors, this dealership is back, stronger than ever, and eager to reintroduce itself to the community. From an impressive product lineup to unmatched customer service and innovative programs, North Shore Mitsubishi is set to reclaim its spot as a cornerstone of the North Shore automotive landscape. 


North Shore Mitsubishi boasts a diverse product lineup comprising four distinct models, three of which are SUVs and one a hatchback. The dealership takes pride in its commitment to tracking down specific vehicle types for customers, ensuring they find their perfect match.

By far, the most popular vehicle is the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV), which stands as North Shore Mitsubishi's flagship model, experiencing immense popularity with a substantial waitlist.

The dealership takes numerous orders for this eco-friendly vehicle. The PHEV boasts a full plug-in capability, offering a range of 70 km on a full electric charge, making it ideal for city driving. Additionally, it features a gas engine to support drivers in case they run out of electric charge.

While previously, wait times could stretch on for months, the dealership will now have an increasing supply of the Outlander PHEV, making the wait time dramatically shorter.

“We want people to know that if they want it, we will have a lot more for them. Often, they don’t even bother coming because they don’t want to wait,” general manager Matt Clapperton says.

Matt Clapperton, North Shore Mitsubishi General Manager. Photo via Paul McGrath Photography.


With a fully functioning Parts and Service department, North Shore Mitsubishi caters to the maintenance needs of all makes and models. Their services come with a complimentary wash and vacuum, and they offer lifetime free car washes to customers who purchase vehicles from their dealership. 

Customer reviews

The outstanding customer service provided by the dealership's sales team has received high praise. Customers appreciate the welcoming and pressure-free environment, where they are encouraged to take their time in making the significant decision of purchasing a vehicle.

“Often when you go into a dealership, they won’t even talk to you if you don’t plan on buying that day. But we don’t care if you’re going to buy now or months from now. We treat everyone the same,” Clapperton says.

“A vehicle is the second biggest purchase of your life next to a house. We want people to be able to take their time..”

Mitsubishi’s unparalleled warranty

Mitsubishi stands out with its generous 10-year warranty, double the industry standard, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability. This extended warranty period has contributed to the brand's loyal customer base.

New to Canada programs

North Shore Mitsubishi acknowledges the diverse demographics in the North Shore area, with many newcomers facing credit challenges. To address this, they offer an exceptional newcomer credit program, providing guaranteed approval as long as applicants can prove employment and have a small down payment. This program has helped many newcomers secure financing for their vehicle purchases.