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Get the look you love from expert interior designers for your North Shore home

La-Z-Boy helps you make a style statement with their free in-home design services
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The Coronado Sofa from La-Z-Boy. Photo via La-Z-Boy.

The task of outfitting your home, whether a new build or a tired design refresh, can often come down to one question: how do I bring this room together?

It's not uncommon to be daunted by the prospect. Whether you have a sense of what you think you want, or you don't have any ideas at all—with the right expertise—you can capture a cohesive look.

Your jump-off point is easier than you think. You need a logical process to follow, something you can get when you draw inspiration from an interior designer with the complimentary La-Z-Boy in-home design services.

"Most clients can't afford the luxury of an interior designer and haven't had the experience of working with one," says Teresa Wimberley, design consultant for La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, North Vancouver.  

"That's where we can help. Most clients have a vague idea of what their style is, but they're not sure they can trust it. They question if it's modern enough, fashionable enough, if they're doing something foolish or too trendy that won't last."

Your first step is to book a consultation for either an in-person or virtual meeting to create a plan with your designer.

Furniture, fabrics and finishes

Visit the La-Z-Boy gallery to get the full tactile experience of the pieces you gravitate toward. Your design consultant will show you upholstery options, fabric swatches, leather samples, and wood finishes, among others, to help customize your look, plus offer recommendations and answer any of your questions.

"Our knowledge of all the options we have, all our products, helps you be efficient in getting your space comfortable, while saving you time; you don’t have to travel off the North Shore, or go from store to store."

The North Vancouver La-Z-Boy team resides on the North Shore, which gives them a distinct advantage in recognizing their clients' particular demographic.

"We'll make a home visit to understand your specific lifestyle, your needs, and the use of the space," explains Wimberley. "We see a lot of small spaces on the North Shore and we measure to ensure everything is going to fit. In a small space everything has to work extra hard."

For example, like the Halsey Rectangular Lift Top Cocktail Table, a lift top creates a sitting workstation with hidden storage below the top.

The Halsey Rectangular Lift Top Cocktail Table from La-Z-Boy. Photo via La-Z-Boy.

"Views are significant here, too, and we often pull the outdoors in, making use of natural colour palettes, greens, and woodsy themes; a lot of residents like to incorporate the natural world in their homes," she says.

You might want to make a couple visits to the gallery, sit and sample the feel, experience the furniture for fit and comfort. You can select your furniture, wall art, area rugs, lighting, accessories, and more, all under one roof. "That's a big advantage, too, and why our store is so valuable," reveals Wimberley.

Your designer can help you find what you can't find on your own—that's the beauty—the streamlined process relieves a lot of stress, but also, expedites the process so you can more quickly utilize your space.

During a consultation at La-Z-Boy, your design consultant will show you different samples and offer recommendations to customize your look. Photo via La-Z-Boy.

The home stretch, in-store presentation

Many people are unable to visualize how pieces work in their home; however, with the latest technology in 3D digital room planning, you will be able to see your space come to life, before making your final decisions.

"The 3D room renderings allow clients to feel confident in their purchase," says Wimberley. "There's no surprises, no disappointment, and I think that's the most rewarding part. When the furniture is in your home, you don't feel regret because you've been assured there's nothing to worry about."

Having an expert who will help realize your vision and take care of everything from maintaining your budget, to ordering, delivery and setup, is all part of the service and one of the benefits of working with a La-Z-Boy designer.

The North Vancouver team, which includes Mahfam Parpali, who earned her interior design degree from the Art Institute of Vancouver—look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your dream space.

For more information, visit or schedule a free consultation.