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Popular garden store opens new location in North Vancouver

GARDENWORKS is here to help get your garden ready for spring

With Metro Vancouver's surge of winter storms as of late, the last thing anyone wants to see are more drops of snow. But snowdrops, well, that's a welcome sight. The white petal early bloomers herald the beginning of spring and are emerging out of the cold soil, opening up to the delight of many.

Equally welcoming, GARDENWORKS has just opened up a new location on the North Shore at the former site of Western Bus, located on 95 Philip Avenue in North Vancouver, centered between Welch and 1st street. The 21,000 square-foot store marks their 10th location across B.C., just ahead of the company's 40th anniversary next year.

“Our team is proud and excited to open the fabulous new garden centre—just in time for spring. We’re all jazzed for what is sure to be a jewel on the North Shore,” says Leanne Johnson, President of GARDENWORKS.

“It is easily accessible to both West Vancouver and North Vancouver, with ample parking—over 40 spots."

Distinctively North Van 

The space has an earthy and industrial vibe. The main building houses tropical plants, a botanical bar, garden supplies and solutions, and a home décor & gifts section. There's an 8,000 square-foot covered greenhouse for perennials, annuals, and pottery, and another 8,000 square feet of trees and shrubs.

"At the botanical bar, guests can get creative and make a terrarium, or meet with plant groups or garden clubs," says Johnson. "We have scheduled workshops, and private events, too." 

In home décor & gifts, they're shining a spotlight on local B.C. offerings, combined with sourced treasures from Europe, Asia, and Canada.

"The North Shore is a special place in that we have a lot of shade," acknowledges Johnson. 

In fact, in North Van alone, over 55% of the city's urban forest is located on private property, according to the City of North Vancouver.

She adds, "We are curating a specialty shade collection with annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs for our guests, which will establish us as the go-to place on the North Shore for shade plant collectors."

Spring garden tips

Johnson shares her expertise with some key advice on early spring gardening.

Clean-up: "The best time to start is March and April; clear your garden beds by removing old spent annuals, but don't clean all the leaves and debris away because they're the environment that many pollinators live in."

Veggies: "As it warms up through April, you can start planting lettuces, kale, peas, and potatoes; plant hardy herbs, like rosemary and thyme." 

Trees, pruning: "Prune your fruit trees now, and soon, your roses. When you see Forsythia, the yellow shrub blooming, it's a tell-tale sign to start pruning your roses. Also, plant trees and shrubs while there's still lots of moisture in the soil."

Revitalize soil: "Amend your soil and return organic matter and nutrients to it. Amend your potted plants by at least two-thirds." 

GARDENWORKS’ long-standing relationships with small local and international growers, enables them to source the best quality plants, more tropicals and unusual and rare plants from Oregon, California, and Florida.

"Our team can't wait to reconnect with North Shore gardeners and share our passion," says Johnson. "And do what we love: connect people to nature, gardening and plants; it's what we live for."

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