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Five reasons why this Lynn Valley Creekfront property is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Unique one-acre North Vancouver listing nestled in untouched wilderness

Realtor Brandon Crichton specializes in unique properties, dealing with some of the most spectacular listings in North Vancouver.

Despite his experience, even he is stunned by his latest property offering.

For sale is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 2,900 square foot property set on one acre of land in Lynn Valley. Originally built in 1974 by an aspiring painter who wanted to be more connected to nature, this house and location provide the perfect inspiration. Some of the artist’s work can be found around Lynn Valley.

The property includes a large two-car garage and a new deck, recently renovated to include a soothing hot tub. 

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Crichton says.

“Where else do you get a chance to drive down a semi-private packed dirt road into a forest canopy? You’re one of two homes as high as you can get in Lynn Valley, with a property that extends down to a natural canyon. 

The Lynn Valley property feels like a vacation getaway, while still offering the convenience of proximity to all the nearby amenities of North Vancouver. 

“This home is for someone who truly wants to own and live in something that no one else has, connected to nature with the privacy that many dream about,” Crichton says.

Here are five reasons why it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a showstopping piece of property.

1. Privacy

This is your own private getaway in the middle of the city. Be as loud or as quiet as you want without worrying about neighbours. 

“When you stand at your window, you look into the canyon, and there’s nothing but canopy,” Crichton says.

With the windows open, the only sounds are those of the nearby river.

2. Land size

“One thing that they don’t build is more land,” Crichton says.

Set on a full acre of land set into the Lynn Canyon, this home offers ample outdoor space, perfect for you to put your custom touch on it. Walk your own private nature trails and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest in your own backyard. This home also connects to two famous Lynn Valley trailheads that meander through the canyon and park.

The property also extends over the water with a parcel of land on the other side, which means your view will never be disrupted. 

“It’s an acre lot. You own an acre and a piece of nature across from you that’s never going to change because you own it,” Crichton says.

3. Landscaping and greenery

Travel down the private driveway entrance and you’re greeted by greenery everywhere.

 A previous property owner was a landscaper and the president of the BC Rhododendron Society, who wanted to ensure there were blooming plants year-round. There are 84 rhododendrons on-site, as well as a collection of rare plants, all of which are labelled.

4. Private swimming area

Follow your private trail down to the lower portion of the lot, where the canyon creates a natural pool at the bottom of the property.

The current owners enjoy the pool all summer long as a private pool that features a natural waterfall. 

“The homeowners created a rock slide that goes into the pool, and they spend all summer there,” Crichton says.

 5. Unlimited potential

“This property is almost like a piece of art that a collector would make truly their own,” Crichton says. 

“It’s not even at its maximum usage. You could do so much to optimize the property, whether you want to be totally isolated in the forest, or you want to host epic parties.”

With the size of the land and the house itself, the possibilities are endless for new owners to put their own stamp on the land.

“This is for discerning buyers looking at this house to possibly add additional square footage or future rebuild. This could really be a passion project for somebody,” Crichton says.

Don’t miss out on this unicorn property. Visit to see the full listing.