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Five bras you need in your wardrobe

Forever Yours Lingerie can help you build a bra wardrobe that suits your unique needs

Forever Yours Lingerie believes everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin and finding intimates that actually fit can help achieve that comfort. 

Roughly 80% of people who wear bras are wearing the wrong size, which is why Forever Yours’ staff receives extensive training to help its customers find fashionable and comfortable bras that truly fit. In addition, they offer the best style and size selection in Western Canada, with bras and lingerie in size B - M cup.

“We want people to know that we’re here, and we’re worth the trip in,” marketing director Kristina Born says.

The independent lingerie store just won the accolade of Best Lingerie Store in Canada at the industry’s version of the Oscars, the second time it has been awarded this honour in three years. Forever Yours Lingerie is also proud to announce that after 25 years in business at their Langley location, they’ve just opened a second location in Burnaby.

The staff at both locations are passionate about changing lives and are educated on how all products should fit, look and feel. They can help you build a bra wardrobe that suits your unique needs.

“It’s important for people to know that a bra isn’t one and done,” Born says.

“If you wear one bra in your bra wardrobe every single day, much like a pair of shoes, it will stretch and wear. You should have anywhere from three to five bras in your rotation that suit your personal style to make them last longer.”

Terra C, the store manager at Forever Yours Lingerie, recommends these must-have bra styles to have in your wardrobe:

Cut and sewn

The cut and sewn, seamed bra is your basic everyday bra. This is the workhorse of your bra wardrobe.

Seamed bras provide the best level of support and shaping while feeling natural and breathable. While a cut and sewn bra isn’t the typical smooth bra that we’re used to seeing, this style works with almost every breast type. The seams are there to lift and shape your breasts, and more often than not, they aren’t visible under clothing.

Wireless bra or bralette

The most requested style, especially during the pandemic, is the wireless bra. This style is perfect for when you need something comfortable to spend weekends and evenings lounging around the house in, or, if you spend a lot of time sitting or driving.

Bralettes have come a long way in the past two years, and Forever Yours carry styles that provide wire-free comfort and support up to a J cup.

Plunge/low-cut bra

Having a supportive low-cut bra helps you maintain the most versatile wardrobe — creating excellent cleavage is just a bonus! 

A low-cut plunge style could also double as your t-shirt or padded bra. These come in basic colours such as black and beige, or you can have fun with trendy prints and colours.

Sports bra

Even if you’re not the sporty type, these bras are more essential than you may think. Are you chasing after kids in the park or taking the dog for a hike? Running a million errands? You don’t need to be playing a sport to enjoy the benefits of a fuller coverage, moisture-wicking bra with a bit of compression. 

Forever Yours carries sports bras with and without underwires to ensure that when you’re busy, your breasts are the last thing you’re worrying about.

Strapless bra or breast tape

The last essential item to have for the sake of versatility, strapless bras or body tape are always great to have on hand. The expert fitters at Forever Yours guarantee that if you are wearing a strapless bra that fits, not only will it stay put all day but it will be comfortable as well.

Lastly, for those outfits that are too complicated for any bra to work, there’s tape. Forever Yours carries a range of breast tape options that are gentle on the skin and get the job done. 

To get started finding your perfect bra, visit