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5 ways this Invisalign® clinic makes it easy to get a beautiful, lasting smile

Newly opened Smiles Orthodontics, in North Vancouver, specializes in Invisalign

Dr. Liliya MacKenzie specializes in creating beautiful smiles and her newly opened clinic, Smiles Orthodontics, exclusively offers Invisalign clear aligner therapy.

“We’re so happy to be a part of the community and to offer this amazing service to people who have always wanted to have a gorgeous smile, but did not want to have braces,” Dr. MacKenzie says.  

“Invisalign treatment is very effective for adults who may have had braces as teens and then did not wear their retainers. Their teeth shifted. Now they are interviewing for a job, or getting married, or spending their time in front of a camera and want to have a beautiful smile in a short time, in the least invasive way possible. We really want to bring that combination of high-tech, efficient and friendly care to our patients in North Vancouver.”

Here are five reasons why Smiles Orthodontics makes it easy for you to get a beautiful, lasting smile.

Convenient Location

Located in the heart of Lower Lonsdale, Smiles Orthodontics is in a very visible location that is easy to get to from anywhere on the North Shore.

“I love the community and I love the location,” Dr. MacKenzie says.

“We’ve really incorporated it into our concept of making it convenient for patients to get their Orthodontic treatment. Mom can shop or get coffee while her teens are getting Invisalign, and better yet, she can have Invisalign with them.”

Appointments that work for YOU

Don’t worry about missing work to take care of your smile. Smiles Orthodontics offers evening and weekend appointments to ensure flexibility for your busy schedule. New Invisalign technology is less time-intensive than traditional braces, and the team at Smiles uses virtual care to minimize your time in the office.

“We’re looking to treat patients in four to five visits at the most,” Dr. MacKenzie says. 

“We meet with patients virtually to discuss treatment so they spend as little time as possible in the office. Most visits can be done virtually.”

Top 1% - Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider

Smiles Orthodontics exclusively uses Invisalign clear aligners to gently straighten your teeth.

Clear aligners are practically invisible and removable which makes brushing, flossing, and eating easier. They also offer shorter treatment times.

“I really love the challenge of treating patients with clear aligners,” Dr. MacKenzie says.

Dr. MacKenzie is a top 1% Diamond Plus Provider of Invisalign. She is on the Invisalign faculty and teaches Invisalign courses to general dentists and orthodontists across Canada.

New Technology

“It’s very difficult for patients to visualize a treatment outcome without seeing it,” Dr. MacKenzie says.

“I can look at your smile and see the potential of a beautiful smile, but a patient can’t necessarily see that. We’re using digital simulation technology to show patients the final result, before they even get started.”

Smiles Orthodontics uses intra oral scanners and artificial intelligence to measure how teeth are going to move through time, modelling to plan what the teeth will look like through every week of treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are 3D printed and are customized to only fit that particular patient.

The clinic also offers an acceleration device, a computerized mouthguard that a patient wears for five minutes a day. The gentle vibration stimulates blood flow around the bone and accelerates tooth movement so patients can complete their treatment in a shorter period of time.

Transparent Pricing

“We have clear and transparent advertised pricing,” Dr. MacKenzie says. “When a patient comes to our office they know exactly what the cost of treatment is going to be.”

Invisalign pricing is listed on the Smiles Orthodontics website. The clinic offers treatment options that include: $0 down payment, interest-free options for the duration of the treatment, and direct billing of your dental insurance.

Smiles Orthodontics also offers teeth whitening to anyone who starts a new Invisalign treatment.

“Whitening with Invisalign is so easy because you don’t need bleaching trays. You already have your personalized clear aligners,” Dr. MacKenzie says.

To get started today and book your virtual consultation, visit or call 604.900.2567.