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5 hot songs to set the mood on Valentine's Day

Here are the top curated smooth grooves for your ultimate romantic playlist
Have fun this Valentine’s Day with five tracks picked for you.

With their lyrical mastery and tender melodies, it's hard to beat love songs when making a passionate declaration or getting you in the mood, especially on Valentine's Day. 

Whether you're looking for a soul-soothing selection of tunes to ignite the passion, something to get you swooning or spooning—or otherwise—tune in to Wave 98.3 FM for programming that will give you all the feels, every day, February 14 and beyond.

If you start your day with the cool stylings of radio personality Tara Jean (TJ) Stevens, who takes to the airwaves weekday mornings from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Wave 98.3, you know the playlist is more than hits on repeat. It's an eclectic mix: contemporary jams and the classics, R&B, funk, instrumental, up-tempo and smooth grooves. It's fresh and exciting. It's a vibe. 

Wave 98.3 launched July 18, 2022, with an ebb and flow of suave and stylish music that washes over you, engulfs you with feelings, and gives you touchstones throughout your day. 

Tara Jean Stevens. Photo by Wave 98.3

"Our first day on-air, we got a little help from Michael Bublé, which was really incredible," Stevens recalls. "I've been here since day one, and this has been the treat of my career."

"I've been in Vancouver radio and television for about 25 years, and I see a passion in the people for the music we're playing and it's unparalleled compared to any other station I've worked at," says Stevens. "You're going to hear something special." 

It's easy for Tara Jean to get lost in her work—grooving hard with her signature exuberance, while seemingly floating above it all, until she comes down for the next tune. Can't blame her, though; every selection is infectious.

"I think to myself, nobody else in town is playing a better song than I am right now. I know radio and these stations. To know in my heart that I'm rockin' the best songs, makes me feel great."

Wave 98.3 has cultivated a format with fewer commercials than any other station, with personalities who are friends and good company.

"I have the pulse of this city on my heart," reveals Stevens. "I think that comes through on-air, not just from me but also from some of my teammates like Kelly Latremouille in the afternoons. Kelly's been on Vancouver radio for decades, and I think he's making that same connection with our listeners."

Tara Jean's sexy song picks 

Here's a bouquet of love songs, five tracks picked for you with intention, along with her personal insights. 

1. "You're The First, The Last, My Everything" – Barry White 

Ahh, that low resonant voice. This song is purpose-built to seduce you. It dropped in 1974 and 40 years later it's still accomplishing that. “Barry White is one of those artists who stops me cold and heats me up. He's inciting you to be aroused; he's not being coy or cheeky, he's right in there with you,” says Tara Jean.

2. "Fallen" – Lauren Wood 

“Many of us remember this song from the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Every time I play it on my show, I burst into tears. There's just something about it—the music, tone, melody and lyrics—that reminds me of the beauty and delicate nature of love and romance.”

3. "Make Me Say It Again, Girl" – The Isley Brothers & Beyoncé

“The fact we play this sexy slow jam on Wave proves there's space on this station for some of the biggest artists in the world right now (Beyoncé). This is so on point, it has everything it takes to get you and your lover in the mood.”

4. "The Passion Theme" – Warren Hill

If you want to seduce your lover or share deep gazes, an instrumental song—especially if it includes the iconic sax of Canadian superstar, Warren Hill —is perfect, because you can whisper sweet nothings, keep each other close, and make that moment your own. 

5. "Where Is The Love?" – Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway

This song provides people who aren't in love right now a chance to talk about love, their feelings, and what they want in the future. “The title says it all: "Where Is The Love?" Give it to me now. Let's get on this,” says Tara Jean.

For more information and to listen live, visit wave