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The average house in Vancouver costs $1.27 million; here's what that can look like (PHOTOS)

The closest house to the average is this Killarney family home.

With housing prices, especially for detached houses, still climbing in Vancouver, what's average now?

According to real estate firm Royal LePage their weighted average puts it around $1.27 million for a detached home. We went looking and found the closest thing on It's not exactly the same price, but pretty close at $1.28 million. The way things are going it'll probably be average soon enough.

The average house, in this case, is 6255 Doman St. in Killarney, near Joyce-Collingwood. While some of the houses we highlight have their own elevators, marble columns and tranquil koi ponds, this is a little more, well, average.

Built in 1973 the long and surprisingly narrow house features four bedrooms and two bathrooms; by the photos, it looks to be a family home currently. Maybe a little unusually, all the bedrooms are downstairs, while the kitchen and living area are upstairs.

The big feature appears to be the deck, which covers up a good portion of what could be a backyard. But from the deck you can see some mountain in the distance. Also impacting and sort of yard situation is a back garage or workshop set up if someone needs some workspace outside.