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This coyote found the perfect time to wander on a Metro Vancouver beach (VIDEO)

It looks like it should be a painting, not a real-life video clip

Who likes long walks on the beach, sunsets and taking some alone time?

Sure, that may be true of your melancholy co-worker, but it's also true for this coyote.

Redditor u/iki0o spotted the wild canine going for a wander at Iona Beach yesterday evening (Feb. 6) and was able to get some amazing video.

In the clip the coyote just strolls along on the beach, the pink and orange sunset in the background reflecting off the wet beach. The light creates a perfect silhouette of the coyote as it moves on, seemingly unworried by the nearby humans.

I saw a coyote walking across Iona beach at sunset yesterday from r/vancouver

Coyotes have been in the news a few times recently, notably because of some recent incidents at the Brockton Oval at Stanley Park (which has reopened).

Vancouver is Awesome spoke with the Stanley Park Ecology Society the other day to find out how people should behave around coyotes right now (their breeding season).