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WV waterfront a walk of shame

Dear Editor: The state of the West Vancouver Seawalk is disgraceful.

Dear Editor:

The state of the West Vancouver Seawalk is disgraceful. On an evening stroll last week with my wife, we found the garden areas full of chest-high weeds, the shrubs overcome by Morning Glory and its hideous white flowers and the walking surface in the Dundarave area covered in goose droppings. We did notice posted signs warning of pending garden works, but we were left to wonder how this district showpiece could fall into such disrepair.

Due to the proximity of our stroll to the publication of the North Shore News' exposé of municipal government largesse (Municipal Payrolls Climbing, July 24), we were forced to think that perhaps we have too many managers at district hall and not enough workers toiling to return West Vancouver to its status as the jewel of the North Shore.

West Vancouver is not what it was when I grew up here between 1970 and 1988. In that era, we may not have had fancy new recreation centres, swimming pools and arts districts; but we did have well-kept parks, boulevards and public spaces. Since I returned to West Van in 1998 to raise my family, I have noticed that some of our municipal services have blossomed while other, more visible offerings are decrepit and poorly maintained.

Perhaps it is time to retire some of the managers, their corporate sedans, laptops and spreadsheets and bring back some workers with their pick-up trucks, rakes and shovels.

Rather than focusing on making our community "world class," District Hall should focus on simply making it livable and enjoyable for the taxpayers and community at large.

Douglas Ford

West Vancouver