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Letter: Thanks to these Samaritans who helped pay for my groceries

‘I told them that I was making them honorary citizens of the Netherlands,’ letter writer says
A senior was $40 short on a grocery bill and a couple behind in line covered the difference. | Kinga Krzeminska/Moment/Getty Images

Dear Editor:

Recently, I was at the IGA checkout to pay for my groceries, totalling $120, and discovered that I had forgotten my wallet.

I told the cashier l that I had $80 cash on me, that I would leave $80 with her if she would guard my buggy with groceries, and that I would be back within an hour to pay the full amount.

I am well into the nonagenarian age bracket and was not thinking properly. I should have just taken out a few items to the $80 cash mark.

A young couple just behind me gave $40 and change to the cashier, and all my purchases were paid for! Then these two Samaritans carried my groceries to the bus stop, telling me not to be embarrassed.

Hereby, once again my sincere thanks and appreciation to that young couple. I told them that I was making them honorary citizens of the Netherlands – what else could I do?

I certainly would like to meet them again.

I have paid forward their generosity by dropping off a cheque at the Seniors' Activity Centre for its Feed the Need program.

Jan Jansen
West Vancouver