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West Vancouver Grade 12 student pens a poem for Remembrance Day

Mulgrave student Gabriel Gonzalez will be presenting this poem at the school's Remembrance Day ceremony
Cadets gather for the North Vancouver Remembrance Day ceremony in Victoria Park on Nov. 11, 2022.

The World They Gave

Year after year we mark this day;
We speak their names and then we lay
Upon the stones a blooming flower
To recall their lives this fateful hour,
It’s their memory we can’t betray.

But it’s not enough, we must do more;
Lest we forget what they fought for.
We know they died; we must know why,
We must know they were not born to die,
But gave their hearts to something more.

They gave their lives so we might live
And that is a gift we cannot give,
For now we have the world they sought;
We’ve seen the end that they cannot
And known a life they’ll never live.

We may recall the lives they gave,
But they are more than just their grave:
They are this world that now we know
It’s through their hearts that we might grow
And in this truth, their lives we save.

So let us watch that sunset glow,
And see the light new dawns might show,
Let’s live the life for us they sought
And share the love that they cannot
Because the world they gave is ours to grow.