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Letters: Proposed electoral boundary changes make no sense

Common sense seems to be in short supply in Ottawa, one letter writer says
Patrick Weiler and electoral boundaries
Patrick Weiler , Liberal MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, is concerned about proposal for re-drawing electoral boundaries on the North Shore that would cut Ambleside in half. Here, he stands at the bottom of 15th Street which would mark the new dividing line if the change is adopted.

Re: Almost half don’t know about North Shore federal riding changes, poll shows


Dear Editor:

I am not interested in voting in North Vancouver. I live in West Van and we have completely different issues. Why not add Sunshine Coast to balance your numbers?

This is important and makes zero sense to most of us.

Please do not do this!

Lenore Stronge
West Vancouver


Dear Editor:

I didn’t know anything about this! Not surprised after finding out years ago that North Vancouver’s Seymour area was bundled off with Burnaby North. Burnaby North and North Vancouver’s Seymour are two distinct communities that are separated by Burrard Inlet and have absolutely nothing in common.

The Elections Commission seems to be myopically focused on producing electoral areas based solely on population size, totally ignoring geography, community, commerce, etc.

It’s high time to put an end to this insanity and use some good old-fashioned common sense, which seems to be in short supply in Ottawa.

If Elections Canada is so concerned about producing electoral areas of like population size, how do they explain the representation of Prince Edward Island?

Robert Wall


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