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Most North Shore residents still masking (at least some of the time), poll finds

Does this match what you've been seeing in the community? 😷
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A wide majority of North Vancouver and West Vancouver residents polled say they still wear a mask, at least some of the time.

It's been 10 weeks since the province ended its mandatory masking policy inside publicly accessible buildings.

Some businesses still ask everyone coming in to don a mask, but most now have signs on the door that state masking is a personal choice.

How many of us are making that choice?

The North Shore News polled 2,746 readers and asked the question: Do you still wear a face mask when out in public and/or indoor spaces?

The poll ran from May 4 to May 20 on our website. Of the 2,746 votes, we can determine that 966 are from within the community. The full results are as follows:

Yes, always. It's an easy thing to do to enhance safety for everyone. 47.31% local, 39.37% total    
Sometimes, if an indoor space is crowded or if it is required. 32.40% local, 29.64% total    
No, the risks are acceptable and I'm done with masks. 20.08% local, 30.99% total    
  Local   Total

As of May 19, 540 people in B.C. were in hospital with COVID-19, down nine per cent from the previous week. The most up-to-date data shows 59 people died in the week ending May 14. B.C.'s independent COVID modelling group's latest analysis now indicates the Omicron wave of the virus has peaked in B.C.

Results are based on an online study of adult North Shore News readers who are located in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. The margin of error - which measures sample variability - is +/- 1.86%, 19 times out of 20.

North Shore News uses a variety of techniques to capture data, detect and prevent fraudulent votes, detect and prevent robots, and filter out non-local and duplicate votes.