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Older and Wiser: Take this quiz to test your knowledge of issues affecting seniors

True or false: you can't teach an old dog new tricks
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Take our quiz to find out how much you learned from seniors columnist Margaret Coates in 2021.

The news these days has not been great with the variants of COVID-19 again disrupting our lives.

After two years of dealing with the pandemic, I think that many of us expected a more social and fun Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends. Unfortunately, further COVID-19 restrictions were put in place and our events were either downsized or cancelled. As well, seniors are impacted more severely by the extreme weather we have been having – tough times it seems.

In reading over my columns for the last year I noticed that, though I had tempered most articles with some positive information, I wrote about several difficult issues that seniors faced. So, what about a fun quiz to change things up a bit?

I know some of you may think these questions are too easy – the quiz questions are not supposed to be rocket science since they are really testing your knowledge of the columns I have written over the last few years. For hints to the answers see my Older and Wiser columns on the North Shore News website. The answers to the questions are all true or false, and the answer key is at the end of the column. Just have fun, and if you are finding the quiz too easy, perhaps time yourself.

1. Poor cognitive functioning has not been linked to vision loss. True or false?

2. While 11 per cent of seniors lost money in a scam, 34 per cent of those among the 18 to 24 demographic reported losing money. True or false?

3. Healthy and pain-free feet help you keep your balance, which is important in preventing falls. True or false?

4. Retired seniors add important economic value to our communities. True or false?

5. There is no link between poor oral hygiene and the prevention and development of lung infections such as pneumonia. True or false?

6. It is not easy for many seniors to get around the North Shore safely and effortlessly. True or false?

7. Short of getting hearing aids, an older person can do nothing about hearing loss. True or false?

8. Taking a rehabilitation program after a heart attack or stroke does not reduce the risk of a return to hospital within a year. True or false?

9. While older adults are faced with stressors such as higher rates of disease contraction, severe complications, and mortality from COVID-19, they also possess more coping skills to deal with stress as they are older and wiser. True or false?

10. COVID-19 had no effect on seniors gaining weight during the pandemic. True or false?

11. Fortunately, there are no homeless seniors on the North Shore. True or false?

12. For seniors, there are options for cycling that are both safe and healthy. True or false?

13. In extreme weather situations, seniors face no increased risk factors than do other age groups. True or false?

14. Transportation services have little effect on the wellbeing of seniors. True or false?

15. Getting a flu shot helps avoid spreading infections to other more immune-compromised people, pregnant women, and those who don’t or won’t get vaccinated. True or false?

16. Most seniors do not have an interest in using technology. True or false?

17. Most seniors over the age of 85 have a diagnosis of dementia. True or false?

18. Poverty is not an issue for any seniors on the North Shore. True or false?

19. There are no tangible benefits for individuals who volunteer. True or false?

20. Ninety-eight per cent of seniors aged 80 or over evaluated by RoadSafetyBC keep their driving privileges. True or false?

21. As you age there is nothing you can do to prevent falls. True or false?

22. Immunization is a global health and development success story, saving millions of lives every year. True or false?

23. Exercise has no effect on brain health. True or false?

24. Senior centre programs play a key role in keeping seniors healthy and independent. True or false?

25. Picking only one or two resolutions for the new year increases your chances of success. True or false?

(Answer key: Statements 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, 22, 24 and 25 are true. All others are false.)

Happy New Year everyone. 

Margaret Coates is the co-ordinator of Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society. She has lived on the North Shore for 51 years and has worked for and with seniors for twenty-six of those years. Ideas for future columns are welcome – email [email protected]