LETTER: District workers in Lynn Canyon 'super-caring' but trees still need saving

Dear editor:

Re: North Van Proceeding with Scaled Back Lynn Canyon Parking Project, Oct. 16 front-page story.

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Protecting, restoring and funding projects in light of the climate emergency simply needs to happen throughout the world, including in the District of North Vancouver. The plans for Lynn Canyon feel like the balance has not been achieved, especially with plans to remove healthy [mature] trees.

[On the morning of Nov. 8], there were lots of super-caring district staff members there working so very hard in all of their roles, including the relocation and rescue of plants in areas that are been changed. A photo I took of one of the ferns yesterday being lifted and loaded into a truck, in the process of being transplanted elsewhere in the park.

There is more work ahead and the need for volunteer efforts to remove invasive species will be great in the future too.

Also, some of the trees I was worried that were coming out, such as the tree in the entrance, the lichen trees, and the giant tree near the existing lot, are to remain. But there are still lots of healthy trees that are scheduled to come out too.

Mayor Mike Little and others with the district are really trying very hard to balance all the needs of safety, access and competing concern.
I still hope that even more can be done, especially as it relates to surface areas and retaining even more trees and bio mass.

Sheila Balzer
North Vancouver

Editor’s note: Construction will begin mid-November and continue until spring 2020, as noted on the district’s website here. The first phase of construction will begin in the upper parking lot. During this time, visitors will be able to park in the lower parking lot or east parking lot, according to a district spokesperson.

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