Fellers should be given the axe

Dear Editor:

Once again, I find myself writing to the North Shore News. This time in regards to the front page story, West Van Fells Old Growth in Error (June 22) about the mistaken cutting of centuries-old trees near Eagle Lake.

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This incident is absolutely disgusting, unacceptable, appalling and ridiculous.

To understand how this happened is beyond me. Who ordered it - i.e. who should be fired - and who were the dolts who actually did the work?

One would think that when they were told to cut these trees, they would have strongly objected and said simply, "No."

But of course they did not, as it was no doubt a contract job; these people knew they shouldn't do it but didn't want to lose their jobs. In response to this "mistake," the municipality - or at least a councillor - apologized, as if that will make it all better. It does not.

It has been seven months since this happened and the supposedly expeditious report should have been the highest priority back in November, 2011.

I can only say that West Vancouver - including council, the engineering department and other components - is still behind the times in listening to and acting on what residents have to say.

These kinds of things are not just for them to decide, and it saddens me that it all boils down to money and time. For a lot of residents in West Van, time is running out; there has to be something left for future generations.

Yes, I am a tree hugger and always will be. I hope all on council will read this. I wonder what their own children think.

I suggest that anyone and everyone write to their MLAs in regards to this tragic incident.

At least we still have some beautiful (and treefilled) parks on the North Shore. I am very thankful for that.

Susan Grinnell North Vancouver

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