Democracy threatened by apathy, not intrigue


It seems to me that Mr. Bill Vaughan and Mr. Michael Lewis have missed the target in their rage against the West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government (Stacking the WVCGG Vote, Oct. 26, North Shore News).

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The greatest threat to democracy, as evidenced by elections at the national, provincial and municipal level, is voter apathy, the failure of citizens to engage in the electoral process and their failure to cast a ballot.

While the WVCGG's endorsement may carry undue influence in our community, that is not a reflection of the undemocratic nature of their interview process - the accusation levelled against the organization.

Rather, it's a reflection of the lack of initiative by individual citizens to research their candidates and to carefully consider their options.

I would argue that in fact the WVCGG does more for the electoral process than others, because it hosts an all-candidates meeting which is open to every resident in West Vancouver, one that also allows room for trustee candidates to appear.

The endorsement by the WVCGG members is simply that: an endorsement by a group of residents. It is not the election; it is not the final say on the matter; it is not a binding action on West Vancouver voters, nor does it compel a particular course of action.

If Mr. Lewis and Mr. Vaughan need a target, then let's have them aim higher and work towards solving the puzzle of voter apathy rather than attack those who are trying to do something about it.

Reema Faris

Trustee candidate West Vancouver Board of Education

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