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Letters: Leave our North Shore library administration as is

While columnist Kirk LaPointe argues for a leaner library management structure, these letter writers say to close the book on that conversation 📕
Three local municipalities all have their own library administration, with a number of management making six-figure salaries. | North Vancouver City Library

Re: Kirk LaPointe: A North Shore library administration shakeup is overdue

Dear Editor:

I am retired and fortunately able to use the three library systems on the North Shore.

Each system is unique, offering materials and services geared to their community. I get books quickly because the systems are small and efficient.

I gave up on the Vancouver Public Library system years ago. It is unwieldy and inefficient. It takes forever to get anything and a lot of the time, the staff can’t find the material that the catalogue says is available.

Richard Brail
District of North Vancouver


Dear Editor:

There are many problems on the North Shore, and I hate to inform you that library management is not one of them. The service and collections here are unparalleled.

I lived in Vancouver and I entirely disagree with Kirk LaPointe’s column. We have a better library system here. Poking at a librarian’s salary is ridiculous.

On the weekend, we say farewell to someone (Queen Elizabeth II) who used their privilege for the public good. One may hope it would inspire that in our own privileged class – perhaps those who can write a piece and have it in the paper for thousands to read.

Let’s think of some truly desperate North Shore problems such as poverty, shoreline erosion, traffic nightmares, drought, homelessness, addiction, mental illness, etc. that you could write about.

Susan Kurbis
North Vancouver