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Letter: Stop feeding the crows to comfort yourself

There’s a crow infestation in North Vancouver because so many people are feeding them, this letter writer states
Feeding crows might seem endearing but it upsets the natural order, resident says. | Dan Toulgoet

Dear Editor:

We seem to have an infestation of crows in our community, especially in Lower Lonsdale, which could be because so many people keep feeding them.

I counted several people, on my block alone, walking down the street throwing bags of food out as the crows followed them. While this may seem comforting and endearing to some, it disrupts nature’s natural balance and attracts other rodents.

It is also against the law to feed wildlife for obvious reasons. I love all birds, but I don’t love it when one species dominates others due to unnecessary human behaviour.

Let the crows come and go as they please, and don’t force them to fulfill our own needs.

Cheryl Berti
North Vancouver

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