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LETTER: Pay parking coming to some North Vancouver parks is a terrible idea

Vehicle owners will soon be charged by the hour to park in Lynn Canyon Park and Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
Suspension bridge
Hikers enjoy the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. Starting this spring, they will have to pay for parking at the popular park.

Dear Editor:

I hate the hordes of people frequenting my once serene and peaceful trails that I use every day but pay parking is not the solution. It is a bad idea in so many ways:

1. It will encourage people to carpool, exactly what they should not be doing at this time.

2. It will discourage people from an activity where social distancing is possible [and push them] into more confined areas in the city where it is not.

3. These are exceptional times with exceptional circumstances. When other activities are once again safe, people will go back to doing what they did before the pandemic.

4. It will encourage people to park in residential areas, even if it means walking several blocks.

5. Transit is not an option as it is totally inadequate.  As well, transit does not take dogs.

6. This is right up there with turning off the Christmas lights at 11 p.m.

Debra A Dunne
North Vancouver

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