LETTER: Not all Liberal voters support pipeline expansion

Dear editor:

Re: Election Results Change Perspective on Pipeline, Oct. 25 The North Side opinion column.

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With all due respect to Paul Sullivan who seems to think all Liberal voters voted for the pipeline, I suspect that Svend Robinson would have ousted Terry Beech in our recent federal election except for one thing: Terry had listened to his constituents and voted against the pipeline. Not all Liberal votes were party policy voters.

The ones I talked to were voting for an MP who did what MPs are supposed to do – reflected his constituents’ preferences and voted against his party on the pipeline issue.

Certainly some (not all) of his support came from people who were rewarding his courage. It probably helped him that he knew his vote wasn’t crucial. 

Maybe he even had permission from the PMO. Who knows?

D.J. Stewart
North Vancouver

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