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Letter: North Vancouver school district failed students and parents in semester change

If it was such a great idea, someone should have communicated that before the change
Grade 10 Handsworth Secondary school students Jackson James (left), Ryan Rickman and Brayden da Roza have taken part in an online petition in favour of keeping the semester system after the North Vancouver school district announced a change back to the linear system. | Paul McGrath / North Shore News

Re: Students, parents sound off as North Van high schools dump semester system

Dear Editor,

I was not surprised to read about the proposed timetable change in our school district, as timetable-tweaking has been a frequent occurrence over the past 30 years or so. I was surprised, however, to learn about it first in the North Shore News.

As a parent with two children affected by the change, I would have thought that some degree of information-sharing, if not actual consultation, would have been offered by the school district much earlier in the process.

While I am not a passionate proponent of either a linear or semester timetable, I do think it is wise, or at least polite, to keep parents and students informed when change is contemplated. Assuming that there are compelling reasons for a change, it should not be difficult to communicate those reasons, and so avoid the kind of negative reaction reported in the article. Anything less appears secretive, arrogant, or simply inept.

Craig Johnston

North Vancouver