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LETTER: New North Van hydrogen fuelling station a positive step forward

Dear Editor: Re: First North Shore Hydrogen Fuelling Station Opens, July 1 news story.

Dear Editor:
Re: First North Shore Hydrogen Fuelling Station Opens,  July 1 news story.

North Vancouver’s new hydrogen fuelling station [at Westview Shopping Centre] represents a positive step in expanding the types of zero-emission vehicles available in the region. Hydrogen can play a key role in Canada’s clean energy future if the hydrogen being produced and used is zero- or low-carbon.

Not all hydrogen is created equal. The climate benefit of hydrogen is dependent on whether it is made with renewable energy (green), natural gas with carbon capture and storage technology (blue), or with fossil fuels without any attempt to capture greenhouse gas emissions (grey, brown, or black). Most hydrogen being produced globally today is grey.

Zero- or low-carbon hydrogen’s greatest value may lie in its potential to reduce carbon pollution from hard-to-decarbonize sectors and end uses, including heavy-duty freight transportation. Realizing hydrogen’s full potential will require robust national and provincial strategies that will identify the sectors that will most benefit, fund research on new and cost-effective technologies, account for regional contexts, and introduce policies to encourage production and use.

Tahra Jutt
Clean economy director (B.C.), Pembina Institute

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