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Letter: How can $1,200 rent be 'affordable' for a West Van senior on fixed income?

'It seems that financial considerations are above welfare of seniors,' writes a Kiwanis housing resident.
West Van highrises
Condo towers and apartment buildings fill the skyline along West Vancouver's waterfront.

Dear Editor:

Re: Affordable Rental Units for Seniors Sitting Empty in North Vancouver, Aug. 4 news story.  

I moved to Kiwanis eight years ago when it was affordable and fun. Charles Bristow was the property manager and a champion. He created a happy community by listening and participating. There was also flexibility when a need arose. It was a sad day when he retired.

My rent is $960. It was $900.

My friend inquired about renting and was told there was nothing under $1,200. She, like many other seniors, is desperate to find affordable housing. With a monthly income of less than $2,000, how can $1,500 be considered affordable?

It seems that financial considerations are above welfare of seniors.

Alternatives? We were considering a life of crime. Alas, we were just not fast enough.

There's much more. Some residents are afraid to complain or offer an opinion because they fear eviction.

Maryellis Kent
West Vancouver

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