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Letter: Let's renew our cheer for front-line workers

Why did we ever stop sounding the daily 7 p.m. salute to them?
LGH COVID ward team
Dr. Kevin McLeod (back left) and nurses at Lions Gate Hospital's COVID-19 ward are among those on the front lines fighting the virus.

Dear Editor:

This is a call for a renewed show of support for our front-line workers. 

At a time when the hospitals and ICUs are overloaded and at a record high with COVID-19 cases, our front-line workers need more support than ever.

Why did we ever stop sounding the daily 7 p.m. salute to them?

These people have worked to the point of utter exhaustion, every day for over a year now. Daily, they help even those of us that have flauted regulations for selfish reasons with dire consequences.

Now more than ever, let’s give them the support they deserve.  Let’s let them know that we’re still thinking about them, and how much we appreciate them. 

Will the North Shore join me every night at 7 p.m. to let them know with some joyful, appreciative noise? 

I hope you publish this, and I hope that people care enough to take up once again this wonderful salute that was started over a year ago.

Micki Ashurst
City of North Vancouver

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