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Letter: Leash your dogs, says West Van councillor bitten by Doberman

Councillor Nora Gambioli has a request for dog owners and walkers after she was attacked just a block away from her home.
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A West Vancouver councillor is urging dog owners and walkers to keep their pets on a leash in public spaces after she was bitten by an unleashed dog a block way from her home.

Dear Editor:

Two weeks ago I was attacked and bitten by a large unleashed Doberman. The attack happened just a block from my home.

Soon afterwards, the dog-walker pulled out a leash and a muzzle for the dog. She was evasive about the dog’s owner and address until I threatened to call the police, and she finally admitted that the dog was here from California while its owners were on vacation, and that she was just walking it in our community. The dog subsequently lunged aggressively at a passing puppy (which was being walked on a leash). 

All this led me to realise that our authorities may have little recourse if a dog is not registered locally. We don’t know how many dogs are brought here daily from elsewhere, so best for innocent pedestrians, cyclists and pets if dog-walkers play it safe; please walk your dog in our public spaces on a leash!

Nora Gambioli
Councillor, District of West Vancouver

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