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Letter: Incentivize water harvesting to drought-proof our communties during summer

As we face the increasing threat of drought and wildfires, this letter-writer believes water harvesting should be incentivized.
Rain water should be harvested, according to this one North Shore News reader.

Dear Editor:

Do we not see the irony of living in a region that receives an estimated 90 inches of annual rainfall, and the increased and very real threat of wildfires?

What a wasted opportunity to protect ourselves with this precious resource that other high-risk areas around the world must envy. Yet, we do nothing. No subsidies, no workshops, or mandates for water-harvesting.

We have a well-defined rainy season, we must reserve some of this rainfall to keep our homes, and businesses, and the North Shore that we treasure, from drying out in the summers.

Let’s be proactive and become leaders in protecting our communities. We can do this!

Denise Brackstone
North Vancouver