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Letter: I'm pumped for the North Shore's upcoming e-bike program

What a great way to encourage active transportation
An e-bike pilot program is coming to the North Shore. photo Viktor Keri, Unsplash

Dear Editor:

I’m excited to hear the North Shore is hosting a two-year e-bike pilot.

What a great way to encourage active transportation, and give people the chance to try an electric bike. That said, as a daily bike commuter I’m all too aware that many North Shore bike routes are in close proximity to fast-moving vehicle traffic, 18-wheeler trucks, parked cars (and their opening doors) and nerve-wracking intersections.

If the goal is to encourage more cyclists, can we please start with safe infrastructure? If you build it, the bikes will come – and if you don’t believe me, just visit Beach Avenue in Vancouver this weekend.

Brady Faugh

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