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Letter: If I had a billion dollars, I'd give it to Lions Gate Hospital workers

The care from hospital staff was 'magical and peaceful,' this letter writer says
LGH high acuity ward
A bed sits ready for a patient at Lions Gate Hospital's new high acuity unit. The hospital's workers were "unbelievable," this letter writer says about a recent stay at LGH.

Dear Editor:

This is a love letter to all who work at Lions Gate Hospital. My most recent adventure started June 30 for a little major/minor surgery. What I thought was to take 30 minutes took more than four hours, not that I’m complaining.

From check-in to check-out, the staff at Lions Gate were unbelievable. Helpful, attentive, kind, concerned, comforting – totally professional. I won’t speak of the food, but I’m pretty sure Anthony Bourdain would have given it a pass.

What struck me the most was how efficient things were being dealt with, even during these never-ending days of COVID-19. Everyone was taking care of patients with a smile and a reassuring hand.

I remember when I woke up in the Recovery Room. It was quieter than usual, what with it being Canada Day. Half not wanting to open my eyes, I just lay there and listened to the whispers of the nurses as they hovered over me, telling me I was doing great, touching my hand, letting me float. It was both magical and peaceful. 

When the lights finally came up on the new day and I had no more excuses to be in dreamland, more nurses, my doctor, and the anesthesiologist checked in. Then rolled by the cleaning crew, quietly going about their jobs with a giggle and a smile. I have to say I was charmed and delighted with the human race at the precise moment. People caring for other people. It was truly heartwarming.

So to all who cared for me or floated by my door, I saw you, I heard you, and I thank you. You are the best of people doing the most important of jobs with grace.
Now if I only had a billion dollars you know where a lot of it would go. I should have been taking names but I do remember one. Her name was Precious.

Michael Booth
West Vancouver