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Letter: I hope these cookies I baked help a lot of North Shore animals

12-year-old baker sells cookies to raise hundreds of dollars for BCSPCA

Dear Editor:

My name is Eva Bilbey, I’m 12 years old and I love to bake and play with my pets.

I have a new dog named Kola that we got in August and a cat named Suki who’s eight years old, and I love them more than anything! They inspired me to help animals in need so they could have someone that loves them as much as I love Suki and Kola.

As I said, I also love to bake, especially cakes and cookies. Part of why baking interests me is I find the chemistry behind baking fascinating. I also love to eat the baked goods when I’m finished.

I’m also a young entrepreneur, and I love to make and sell products I create! In the past, I have hosted many lemonade stands in the summer, and I wanted to up my game by creating a small temporary business and by setting a goal for myself.

By combining these three things I love, I came up with the idea to raise money for the BCSPCA and help animals by selling cookies to the people in my area. To be exact, it was $15 for 20 cookies (a pretty good deal) and I ended up making $750!

What went in the cookies? About 17 pounds of butter, 20 pounds of flour, 30 pounds of sugar and a lot more ingredients. I made the cookies in my kitchen at home and sold them around my neighborhood and at school. I ran the cookie-making campaign from Feb. 3 to March 20.

During the beginning of my journey I wasn’t expecting many orders, but they came piling in and I could barely keep up. I managed to fulfill all the orders by baking one to two batches almost every night of the week!

It was extremely busy, but after some time, I had a system to come home, take out the butter to soften, and bake the cookies after dinner. Some nights I didn’t get to sleep until late because I had people depending on me to make their cookies. Then, the money was coming in super quick and I reached my goal! I hope my money goes a long way to helping the animals at the BCSPCA.

Eva Bilbey
West Vancouver