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Letter: Harry Jerome project may result in a net loss in North Van parks spaces

The 21st to 23rd lands are now largely going to be ultra-densified housing and highrises
New Harry Jerome 2 web
An architect's rendering shows how North Vancouver's new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre should look when it opens in 2025.

Dear Editor:

Re: CNV Embarks on Ambitious Parks Pan, May 19 news story.

City of North Vancouver press releases describing the creation of “new parks” space are always a positive read. However, and in relation to Coun. Valente’s reference to the “drama” surrounding the Harry Jerome rec centre site, political spin messaging should never be allowed to trump and obfuscate the truth.

That truth is there will be no net increase in parks space, only net loss.

In layman’s terms, current parks and recreation land at the [Harry Jerome community recreation centre redevelopment] site are 21st to 23rd streets, Lonsdale to St. Georges/Eastern as well as 23rd to Highway 1, Lonsdale to St. Georges.

The jewel – the 21st to 23rd lands are now largely going to be ultra-densified housing and highrises. Norseman field and running track will be replaced with the new concrete facility – one that has reduced offerings and many believe to be a pointless failure. The discounted/undervalued and unending lease of roughly half of these community owned parks/rec lands for profit-driven housing is [in my opinion] a moral crime and complete financial and planning failure.

Tony Caldwell
City of North Vancouver

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