LETTER: ‘Green’ home initiative could add costs

Dear Editor:

Regarding Coun. Megan Curren’s idea to eliminate natural gas heating in the District of North Vancouver, she may be surprised to know that electric baseboard heating is the most expensive option to heating a home. To heat a modestly sized home in Deep Cove with electric heat these last few winters is about $750 per month. Does she have a plan to offset that cost to future owners of new “green” homes by reducing taxes by a similar amount?

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Our province is rich with natural gas and it leaves a small greenhouse gas footprint. Rather than burdening ourselves with unsustainable monetary rises in utility bills, we should look to increase our less expensive and sustainable self-dependence on our own natural gas resources here at home.

Homeowners find it expensive enough to live here without the added expense of politicians patting their backs to get the green accolades that will burden all of us.

Gregory Jacklin
North Vancouver

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