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Letter: Feeding and people's ignorance has led to Stanley Park coyote cull

'You do not have to feed them; they go after their prey on their own.'
A coyote roams a beach in downtown Vancouver in this undated photo.

Dear Editor:

I have been living in Vancouver since 1972 and never have I heard about coyotes attacking people in [Stanley Park] before. Coyotes seem to be a recent event. They seem to have expanded their traditional territories. It does not take much intelligence to ascertain the causes for their aggressive behaviour – food and people’s ignorance.

People never listen to the authorities and perhaps, seldom listen to the news. Now the authorities intend on culling 35 coyotes [among which are coyotes that] have already bitten dozens of people enjoying the park, including children. One simply cannot wait until a child is killed before doing something about it. 

The authorities cannot patrol the entire park and see who is doing what. Why on earth don’t they use those drones to have a better look everywhere and co-ordinate with local patrols to easily find those responsible for feeding the coyotes? Are we afraid of violating their “human rights,” the most misused, abused and misunderstood piece of legislation in this country? Something must be up among the inhabitants of the forests.

Not too long ago, in Langley, a resident’s camera caught on film an adult mountain lion jumping over a fence in the late evening, looking for some food, no doubt. On some occasions, they have been seen near those wooden trails close to Park Royal. You do not have to feed them; they go after their prey on their own.

John Bueno
North Vancouver

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