LETTER: Empathetic response from man who had his truck stolen is commendable

Dear editor:

Re: Contractor Calls for Empathy Following Theft of His Truck, Feb. 7 news story.

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A shoutout to Jim West for his empathetic response to an upsetting event (i.e. having his truck stolen and articles left behind in his truck).

I believe he hit the nail on the head: rarely do these people who are desperate wish for that life where stealing a truck is desirable or necessary.

Rather, they are – like most of us – looking for more. But more for those who are down, out, and likely homeless could mean just the opposite and no more: employed, safe, secure, housed and purposeful.

We all need to help these individuals achieve these basic human needs.

This is far better than navigating the legal penal system which too often is a one-way dead end.

Good on you for seeing the problem as it is, Jim.

Brad Gilbert
North Vancouver

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