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Letter: Central Lonsdale dog park is a noisy nuisance

With so much barking, it was a mistake to put an off-leash dog park so close to condos, this North Vancouver resident says.
Dogs play at North Vancouver's Central Lonsdale off-leash dog park, July 4, 2022.

Dear Editor:

For 14 years, my husband and I enjoyed sitting outside on our condo balcony, but since the dog park on Eighth Street and Lonsdale Avenue was opened last year, the noise of barking dogs has taken that enjoyment away.

At times, the barking is also audible and annoying on the inside of our condo, as early as 8 a.m. Many of our neighbours that I have spoken to are of the same opinion. Whoever made the decision to change the original plan of an urban park to a dog park obviously did not realize the consequences of putting such a park next to so many residences. This was a terrible decision.

I love dogs and have had two of my own over the years, so this is not coming from someone who dislikes dogs. When more dog parks in the city are under consideration, the planners must be aware of the noise that will affect adjacent residences.

Nora Russell
North Vancouver

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