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Letter: Bush partyers, come back for your trash on this West Vancouver trail

'Have fun, but please pick up after yourselves'
WV bush party litter web
Remnants of a bush party greet hikers on West Vancouver's Nelson Creek Trail and Fire Access Road loop on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.

An open letter to bush partyers:

Hiking [on Tuesday, Sept. 7] in West Vancouver in a very popular trail, called Nelson Creek fire access road, I was disappointed to find a lot of garbage left by partygoers.

Most likely they had a very good time and celebrated a very special occasion, maybe going back to school or starting a university semester or something like that.

That’s great, but the amount of garbage was very sad.

This is a beautiful forest and we need to protect it. Have fun, but please pick up after yourselves.

If you are reading this, please go back to your party hangout, pick up all you left behind and leave it as you found it.

Thank you.

Juan Diego Palacio
North Vancouver

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