EDITORIAL: Fund in the sun

They’re coming. Funding announcements. Fast and furious. We’re in the summer before a fall election and the governing party is breaking open the piggy bank. It’s as Canadian a tradition as hockey heartbreak.

There’s no question the strategy is effective; otherwise, governments of every stripe at both the federal and provincial level wouldn’t do it.

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It’s also why we always run an editorial in this stage of the election cycle to remind people of a couple things: That’s our money they’re swaying us with. And far more important than an industrial loan here and a cultural grant there is a government’s four-year record, the good and the bad.

But even that is backward looking. Better still is what political parties pledge they are going to do once in power. You can ignore the attack ads, but you must pay attention to their platforms, which are now beginning to trickle out, if you want to cast an informed vote.

Lastly you have to decide if their platforms, no matter how tantalizing they sound, are feasible to be implemented and whether the parties have what it takes to follow through. If they promise you the moon, ask them about rocket trajectory.

To help with that, we are planning in-depth, issues-based coverage and, no doubt, church basements and community halls are being booked for all-candidates debates, for which we are excited.

Whether you’re inclined towards red, green, blue, orange or other, remember: don’t vote until you see the whites of their eyes.

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