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Driving by the book can be costly

Dear Editor: With all due respect to North Vancouver RCMP Sgt.

Dear Editor:

With all due respect to North Vancouver RCMP Sgt. Peter DeVries, if you drive using just the Motor Vehicle Act as your guide without common sense and some knowledge of ICBC's habits, you may find yourself at fault even if your actions were in compliance with the traffic laws (Driver, Cyclist Both at Fault, July 27, North Shore News).

Having had to pay for a couple of accidents that weren't my fault, thinking that my actions were legal and by the book (the officer at the scene did not even give me a ticket), I've learnt that when it comes to ICBC, you just don't know. They told me I should have thought more about my actions and not just driven blindly. Really?

So be careful out there and remember that ICBC does not appear to use the rules of the road to figure out who's right or who's wrong. They may tell you they do, and they may even think that they do, but they seem to use some sort of in-between logic aimed at trying to get both people to pay.

Even though you think turning into your lane at a red light while the other traffic turns left at a green light, you may just want to hold off and let the other car have the right of way in both lanes just in case you have to deal with ICBC. Fair warning.

David Brownell

North Vancouver