Forest flattened at Burnaby Mountain tank farm

Chris Campbell

Trees have been a hot topic during the federal election.

The Liberals have promised to plant 2 billion trees, funded by revenues from the Trans Mountain pipeline if it ever gets built.

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The Greens topped that with a promise of 10 billion trees planted if elected.

The point being that trees are an important sign of and contributor to a healthy environment, which makes what has happened in Burnaby in recent weeks so sad.

Trans Mountain has flattened part of a forest on the Burnaby Mountain tank farm, according to a photo submitted by local environmentalist John Preissl. Take a look at the photo above and you can see this part of the forest is now gone.

It’s all legal and allowed, of course. Just part of site work for Trans Mountain.

But it’s still sad to see – a sign that the pipeline expansion appears to be getting closer and closer.

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