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Yo ho ho, West Van maritime suspect taken to the brig

Suspect arrested in Larson Bay pool house
Cannon at WV Yacht Club CG
Police arrested a suspected boat thief in Larson Bay, Friday, just around the corner from the West Vancouver Yacht Club.

An attempt at piracy on the high seas of Horseshoe Bay has ended with an accused scallywag in the brig.

West Vancouver police say charges have now been sworn after catching a suspect attempting to steal a powerboat docked in Horseshoe Bay.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon. Witnesses called police when they saw a man hop aboard an empty 17-footer at Sewell's Marina and push off for open ocean.

Investigators called in some help from their mateys in the Vancouver Police Department marine unit and VPD canine unit.

Soon after, a resident reported the suspect skiff marooned on the beach at Larson Bay. Officers set up a land-based blockade while the dog team picked up the scent.

They found their buccaneer holed up in a nearby pool house. Upon further investigation, they learned he’d allegedly plundered another home nearby and had stolen booty on him.

The Crown has now sworn charges of breaking and entering to commit an indictable offence, possession of stolen property and breaking and entering with intent to commit an offence against Andrew Jason Knowland, a 36-year-old of no fixed address.

He is due back in court on April 28.